Personal Paternity Test

This DNA test is designed for those people who would like to determine the genetic relationship between the alleged father and child with or without the mother.  This test is designed for individuals who want paternity information for their own interest and peace of mind.  This DNA test is highly accurate and provides complete information at the genomic level as to the identity of the child.

There is absolutely no difference between the personal test and the legal test in terms of the methods involved in the DNA analysis.  When the DNA sample arrives at the laboratory it is assigned a random number.  We do not know if the test is a legal or personal test until we write the final report.  Since the personal paternity test does not require the documentation for a “chain-of-custody? there is no requirement or necessity to attend a hospital or clinic for sample collection, the DNA samples are obtained in the privacy of your home.

Genetic Identity is committed to making DNA testing services affordable and accessible to everyone.  Our fees and accuracy are competitive with any AABB accredited lab. You can be assured that a trained and skilled Ph.D. scientist will complete each diagnostic test.  
Our fees include telephone consultations, shipping and handling. (There are no hidden fees !).  Be careful; there are several laboratories that will quote you a low price but then make you pay shipping out of your own pocket.  We will match ANY competitor’s price and still offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Our commitment to our customers is to provide affordable, quality and confidential service. 

While the vast majority of online transactions are completed without complication, fraud and dishonest sellers are a fact of Internet life. Genetic Identity suggests that you check a company’s reputation before you order online.  Use extra care in taking placing orders from new companies

DNA Testing:

We have selected to use 16 alleles (Allele-Pronunciation  ) from the Identifiler™ kit.  The 16 alleles in this kit exceeds the requirements of several standardization bodies throughout world including the FBI. Thirteen out of the 16 alleles are approved by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and are the alleles that are currently being used in their DNA typing database called the Combined DNA Index System (1) (CODIS).

Reporting Results:
We understand the high level of anxiety associated with paternity testing and in order to expedite the results we have several options available for you to receive your results as soon as the test is complete.  We will always mail you a copy of the results to keep for your records (unless instructed otherwise) but in order to give you the results quicker the results can given over the phone/cell phone, e-mail or faxed.  We can safely give your results over the telephone if you properly identify yourself by answering case-sensitive questions and giving us your password. (For confidentiality purposes, we will not acknowledge that your case exists until you answer these questions).  We can be reached by telephone at toll fee 866-437-1597. Our client service telephone hours are from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM (PST) everyday.  

Legal DNA testing:
Should you feel the need to have a legal DNA test after you have completed your personal paternity test we will offer you a $100 credit to use towards an AABB accredited Legal Paternity Test. 

DNA Collection kits:

FTA Card  The FTA card will gradually turn white as DNA is correctly applied to the card.  It is not necessary to completely fill the circle. 

Genetic Identity’s collection kits include foam tipped swabs and a FTA card. The foam tipped swabs are used to acquire buccal cells(cheek cells) from the inside of the mouth.  DNA samples are collected by swabbing the inside of the mouth to remove buccal cells.  This procedure is painless and noninvasive.  The buccal cells are then transferred onto the FTA card.  The FTA card is pink and will turn white when you have correctly transferred the DNA. Once the DNA is on the FTA card it will be stable at room temperature for years.  Therefore, shipping the samples is not a problem. Download the personal paternity brochure to see a detailed description of the process.

The FTA-treated matrix has the unique ability to kill blood-borne pathogens and protect genomic DNA from microbial and environmental degradation, allowing for long-term storage at room temperature. The FTA-treated card offers the safest and most cost-effective method available for the transport of DNA specimens.  This unique system is the only one of its kind that has been formally approved by the U.S. Postal Service. 

The FTA card is a key component in our DNA archival kit. After you test is complete, Genetic Identity will archive your DNA for free, upon your request.,